Dead after being run over with a bicycle – types of damage

About This Project


A pedestrian was run over by a cyclist at a crosswalk when the latter had run a red light. The collision was unfortunately fatal. Our Firm, in the name and on behalf of the heirs of the deceased who had entrusted us with the suit, filed a civil suit against the cyclist while the penal proceedings were taking place.
In order to formulate an appropriate compensation claim for this case, special care was given to various configurable damage types. On the one hand, damage from loss of parental relationship (i.e. injury sustained by heirs in their own right) and on the other, additional damages suffered by the victim whose compensation may be claimed by heirs hereditatis jure (that is, for right of inheritance). It entails a terminal biological damage (which is the damage endured by a person whose mental and physical integrity have been injured and is viewed as a biological damage on its own right as the person survived an event for a certain period of time which later proved to be fatal) . It entails a terminal moral damage ( which is the mental suffering endured by the subject from the time of the event which caused it and his death due to the sustained injuries) and, according to a recent, albeit isolated, jurisprudence, thanatological damage (damage associated with loss of life, that is significant in its own right).