Debt collection with foreclosure of motor vehicles

About This Project

Debt Collection

The firm was entrusted with the collection of a debt for professional services which had been rendered (in this case medical dealings). As the Client had been paid with an outstanding check, we verified that all of the legal conditions were met and then immediately notified the debtor that a check injunction had been filed. This course of action offered clear financial and time saving advantages (as checks are enforceable there was no need to file for an injunction).
The fact finding research that we carried out from the very begging showed us that the debtor was owed receivables (retirement benefits) by a third party. We therefore carried out the third party’s expropriation of what was due which allowed our Client’s debt to be fully paid – together with advances and the legal costs incurred with the procedure being reimbursed – through being legally awarded, up to due amount, the debt owed to the debtor by the third party.

Debt Collection